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Address: Huihong Industrial Park, No.18, Xishi Road, High-tech Development Zone, Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province

Our company has signed the import and export license successfully

And has independent import and export rights, mainly committed to the import and export of goods and technology. With rich experience and rigorous working attitude, we have been developing and growing. Now we have fixed suppliers and a large and stable customer group. Now we have independent import and export management right, and we are mainly engaged in the import and export of goods and technologies.

Since the establishment of our company in 2009, has successfully undertaken a lot of projects, product design direction from the previous broad to fine attack press, press equipment, special aircraft, bellows cutting machine this aspect of non-standard automation equipment. At present, the company's customers are mainly foreign-funded enterprises and some exporters. Choosing to cooperate with foreign-funded enterprises is a big test for the quality of our products, technology and after-sales service. We have the ability to show our best products to customers. Customers who need non-standard automation equipment for auto parts can contact us by phone: 0510-88559990.