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Japanese customers came to our company for equipment acceptance

On the afternoon of September 10, 2018, the technical director and technical staff of a Japanese company accompanied by the staff of its Chinese subsidiary company came to our company to conduct the final review of the non-standard automation equipment to be delivered. The client brought their own workpiece to check the equipment. After trial production of 100 parts for each, the other party put forward their considerations. After communication with the designers, we made adjustments and finally reached the acceptance conditions. The smooth acceptance not only allows the technical personnel of both sides to learn from each other, but also completes the last key step before the equipment leaves the factory. The equipment will be shipped to the customer after a final and complete commissioning inspection.

Since the establishment of our company in 2009, has successfully undertaken a lot of projects, product design direction from the previous broad to fine attack pressure equipment, assembly line, automatic deburring production line, bellows production line this aspect of non-standard automation equipment. At present, the company's customers are mainly foreign-funded enterprises and some exporters. Choosing to cooperate with foreign-funded enterprises is a big test for the quality of our products, technology and after-sales service. We have the ability to show our best products to customers. Customers who need non-standard automation equipment for auto parts can call our company: 0510-85221298.